Thursday, February 23, 2012

run, run, run

I have been keeping up with my training schedule this week and doing some workouts from the Nike Training Club app on my cross training days. The running app is pretty good too although I may switch it up a bit adding km's to my sunday long run here and there. During your run the voice of Hal Higdon gives you little encouraging messages along with letting you know about your half way point, and noting what km you are at. The messages are pretty funny...for example "couch potatoes may not have sore muscles, but they will have a lifetime of other hurts"

We have been really sticking to our meal plan and it has been working really well...definitely saves us money on the grocery bill and makes the annoying task of trying to throw something together with a hungry impatient toddler pulling at your leg a little bit less stressful. And it was so nice to have pancake tuesday this week! I love any holiday that calls for pancakes for dinner!

yumm! we had ours with honey lime zest fruit salad.

And in keeping up with the idea of  pancake tuesday I am giving something up for wheat until Easter. Goodbye muffins, bread, crackers etc. I have been doing great with my workouts but not being super mindful of what food I have been eating so a self inflicted challenge is just the thing.
Basically I am going to be focusing on fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean little packaged foods as possible and no baked goods. I guess I shouldn't have got Ben a bread baking course for Christmas!

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