Friday, December 30, 2011

oh dear

Uh oh.
Christmas festivities got me. Lots of family, friends, Bailey's, baking, chocolates, drinks....I could go on and on. I did manage to mostly keep up with my running schedule and had some great ones with my cousin and friends. It was really great to be able to run with Ben so much too and we will miss that now being back home.
We arrived back home on the 26th after a great visit to Ontario. Christmas was wonderful and it was so nice to spend time with my family and friends. We did our Vancouver christmas and slowly unpacked and settled in to being home again and somehow a week went by with no running. Or really any exercise of any kind. I was quite nervous to get back at it today but it was actually really good. I think the break was a good rest for my muscles. I am now on week 6 which is run 10 min, walk 1 min, 4 times.

Back to regular posts!

Monday, December 19, 2011

home sweet home

 So I am in Ontario staying with my family for the holidays and have not missed any runs, but did juggle my schedule around a bit. Also, I am so missing my bootcamp and having a very hard time resisting the PC candy cane ice cream and christmas baking at my parents house.

My cousin, who will be joining us in Vancouver for the marathon, joined us for our run yesterday and that was super fun. Even though it was snowing, and I completely wiped out and landed on right on my ass, it was fun. When we got home we moved the furniture, rolled out the yoga mats, dusted off the weights I made my mom buy a few years ago (which may or may not of had the tags still on them) and I was lead through a workout inspired by her job this year at the gym at her school. She was a great motivator and just what I needed!

I am enjoying being spoiled, relaxing and having some time with my family.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

past week happenings....

Oh no! I was very forgetful about posting this week. I have just been so enjoying all the time with the three of us as a family after things have been so busy in the past.

Yesterday I wrapped up week 3 of the 10k training and we have 7 more to had been 5 min run walk 1, 5 times and it is ramping up next week with run 8, walk 1 but only 4 times so just increasing the interval length but overall pretty much stays the same. It is truly amazing how much better you can get in just 3 weeks!

 I am still LOVING my bootcamp and was sad to hear that our instructor is going to be replaced in the new year....hopefully the new guy is just as great. I am starting to notice a difference with overall fitness (hallelujah), speed and strength...push ups are getting better...core still needs work.

 I am really getting into the working out, now I just need to find the motivation to watch my food a little better...especially with the holidays coming and all the yummy deliciousness that goes with them.

Doing the next 2 weeks of runs and workouts while home in Ontario will be a challenge but also exciting since my parents will be happy to hang out with Arlo and Ben and I can actually run together. Normally one of us goes and then we basically tag off and the other goes. Also my cousin who will be running the big race with us will be there and it will be great to get a few runs in with her. She will be a great motivator and keep me on track since she already asked me if there are any weights at my parents or do I need her to get me some for when I am there! Love it!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

i forgot how to party

Well it has been a few days since my last post. I did my last run of week 2 on Sat morning, still without music on my ipod since I am the biggest procrastinator I know. I really will have to fix that this week. Any playlist suggestions?

Sunday was a nice day off of working out and we dropped Arlo off for his first sleepover away at his grandparents. I had lots of fun getting ready for our big night out...straightened my hair, bought some new make up, wore a sequin dress like Vanna White and we really did have a lovely time.
So lovely.
So, so lovely that I spent the entire day in bed yesterday. I paid for my lovely time all day and sadly I missed a nice sunny one too.
It was so nice to meet all of Ben's classmates and celebrate all his hard work. We ate a really delicious dinner, drank lots of wine, laughed alot and danced the night away to some interesting musical selections.
We got home at the late hour of 1:30 and considering I normally would have been sleeping for 3 or 4 hours by then I was quite proud of myself! Also, Arlo did great at his sleepover and had a wonderful time being spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa.

Needless to say I took the day off yesterday and was right back at it this morning with the first run of week 3. We are up to run 5 min, walk 1 min 5 times. It is a very gradual program and it is feeling good. Tomorrow morning I am heading to bootcamp...and I am actually looking forward to it!

Friday, December 2, 2011

last night of homework!

Well, I made it to bootcamp all 3 times this week and I am really glad that I did. I'm not sure that it is in the budget to do it 3 days every week but it really makes a difference. And the getting up isn't so bad since Arlo is such an early riser I am well conditioned to be up and at 'em in the mornings.
 I am looking forward to regaining some strength and getting better at the plank and push ups, both of which are currently cruel and painful.

I have one more run of week 2 which I will do in the morning. This week went pretty well and I would like to get in the habit of going down to the water or somewhere new for my weekend run to keep it interesting and fun. Because believe me, with having both a dog and a baby and having lived in the same apartment for the last 6 years there is no direction or route out my back door I haven't gone a bazillion times.

I am pretty excited tonight because Ben is going to submitting his final paper of his MBA and I can hardly  believe this day has come. I am SO excited to spend the weekend with him and Arlo without knowing he has to go study and be up late writing a paper at the coffee shop all night. What an amazing accomplishment for him! I am so proud of him. And us, for making through this last year and a half.

And of course the gala on Sunday! I went shopping yesterday and bought an amazing sequin dress and I am so excited to wear it! It is pretty great that even from working out for the last 2 weeks I feel like I am in such better shape and more confident even though it is doubtful any change could have taken place already.

Okay, have to go pour myself a glass of wine and make some dinner...I can hear Peter Pan being read for bedtime stories.