Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things I learned at my first kickboxing class

Well, I survived my first kick boxing class! This was not a 'cardio kickboxing aerobics' type class, this was of the 'a russian kickboxing champion has a gym and is going to train you to get in the ring' variety.
I learned several things tonight a few of which I will share with you now.

  1. You don't get to punch people in the first class.
  2. I can not, now nor may I ever do the splits. 
  3. I am actually more uncoordinated than I once thought and deciphering my left from my right proves  to be surprisingly challenging .
  4. Dropping to give you 20 push ups on my toes and fists is not something that I am currently able to do.
  5. My teacher can definitely knock you out.
  6. I really liked it and it was a super good workout.
I think this will be an awesome wednesday cross training class and I hope I can move my legs to do my run tomorrow!

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  1. good for you! i look forward to sitting here from my couch to hear the updates ;)