Monday, December 19, 2011

home sweet home

 So I am in Ontario staying with my family for the holidays and have not missed any runs, but did juggle my schedule around a bit. Also, I am so missing my bootcamp and having a very hard time resisting the PC candy cane ice cream and christmas baking at my parents house.

My cousin, who will be joining us in Vancouver for the marathon, joined us for our run yesterday and that was super fun. Even though it was snowing, and I completely wiped out and landed on right on my ass, it was fun. When we got home we moved the furniture, rolled out the yoga mats, dusted off the weights I made my mom buy a few years ago (which may or may not of had the tags still on them) and I was lead through a workout inspired by her job this year at the gym at her school. She was a great motivator and just what I needed!

I am enjoying being spoiled, relaxing and having some time with my family.

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