Tuesday, November 22, 2011

day one down...only 165 to go

today was my first day of official running training. I really like the app...a mans voice tells you to start your warm up and then it dings and says "run" and "walk" at the appropriate times. it reminds me of my disney record books from when i was i little and the chime told you when to turn the page. it also shows you where you went on a map, how fast your running and walking were and has a spot to record your mood. i think that will be neat to look back at.

it went pretty well and i kept reminding myself that even though it was dark, and wet, and i was tired this was not punishment. it was a half hour to myself and the first session to cross out, getting me in shape and closer to being able to run 21k. i'm a big crosser-outer...i have been known to add an item that i already completed to my to do list just so i could cross it out.

i really need to put some music on my phone since the only album on there is elizabeth mitchell which was our go to fussy babe tunes for m-a-n-y long walks with the ergo...but ya, not really running music.
time to put some energy into some playlists! and really into my music in general...my itunes are a gigantic mess in desperate need of organization...a nap project maybe.

and now off to a much needed girl's night! yay!

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