Monday, November 21, 2011


i have been trying to lose the way of thinking that holds mondays to be a fresh start so it doesn't become an excuse to slack off by the weekend and then *ba-bing* fresh start for monday. but it really does have some strong new beginning connotations and it is kinda nice to have a clean slate and the hope of a great week ahead.

this morning i was off to bootcamp for 6:30. it was dark out when i left and it was hail/snow/raining when i left. eww. i really love bootcamp though, especially when i am done and it's 7:30am and i have done my workout for the day. i think i will stick with it on mondays as a cross training day for part of my training.

i'm pretty happy that my husband-to-be finally signed up for the marathon as well. it's nice to have a little team dear friend in victoria and my amazing, inspiring cousin in ontario have signed up too. because we are spread all over the place and our running stroller shakes uncontrollably at so much as a jog i think i will be doing alot of the runs alone but it is nice to know they will all be working hard too!

now i am back home enjoying a quiet hour or so with my coffee while my boys are at swimming lessons. better go throw something together for lunch and grab something out of the freezer for dinner before chaos begins again!

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