Sunday, November 20, 2011

holy f*ck!!?! i signed up for a half marathon

so with some encouragement and not a lot of thought i have signed up for a half marathon in vancouver on may 6th.

what the ? what was i thinking?

quick i need a plan. after my credit card info was entered and my confirmation had been received, it began to sink in...i will be running 21.1km in 168 days.

after some questioning people and poking around i decided on the "ease into a 10k" training program and bought the app.
 it is a 3 day a week, 10 week program and i will start on tuesday. once i finish it i'll move on the half marathon training program from runner's world. it is 12 weeks so i will have a few weeks to spare before the big day.

oh? my current running schedule? umm...ya...that would be...oh...none. aside from chasing my 1 and a half year old cyclone around little mountain..nothing.

i have running shoes. and i have run before...a 10k a few years ago. so we will see. i am excited though, for the challenge and to do something for myself and to see if i can do it!

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