Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vancouver sun

I just finished the first run of week 8. We are now up to 3 sets of run 17 min, walk 1...they only snuck in 2 more minutes per set from last week but I sure felt them today! I decided to drive down to the seawall for my run again and I am so glad I did. It was so beautiful to be by the ocean, see the sun coming up and the beautiful mountains covered in snow.

Look at my beautiful view!

I really can't complain about spending some time on my own by the ocean in the that made it easier to suck it up and keep on going! It's also part of a decision we made to make the most of Vancouver everyday while Ben is working away at applying all over the place since we don't know for sure if we will be moving down the street or out of the province. We want to make the most of the time we have living here and if it turns out we are staying than we will be reminded of all we love about it!

Yesterday my exercise attempts were thwarted. My thighs were so sore from the bootcamp squatfest on Monday and then my run Tuesday so I opted out of bootcamp yesterday morning. I bargained with myself that I would make up for it by going to the free cardioboxing class that I had signed up for at Trout Lake Community Centre as part of their grand opening. So I reluctantly got changed into my workout clothes and drove there only to find the class is NEXT Wednesday! So I have to admit I came home, made some Paleo Brownies (thanks Tansy) and watched a bunch of Sons of Anarchy. Ahh well, I guess I needed a rest day.

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