Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Meal Plan

Yesterday was the rainiest of all the runs I have done yet! It was pouring and super windy so the rain was coming sideways...good times. I was sopping when I got home and was so glad I had worn long underwear and some light rain pants! I have one more run of week 9 which I will do tomorrow, hopefully with Ben since Arlo is going to hang out with his grandparents in the morning.

And the first run of week 10 will be on the weekend in Victoria with my dear friend Jes who is also running the half with us. I am a little excited because I am heading over to visit her BY MYSELF!!! Yup no baby. Wow. It is going to be lovely. I cannot wait to sit on the ferry all alone and read a trashy magazine. Ahhhh....bliss. Also Jes has an awesome run planned for us which is a loop around a lake and we are going to go out for breakfast! Which I love to do, especially in Victoria.

As part of all our goals and ideas of things we would like to change for the new year we have been trying to stick to a budget and part of that is using a weekly meal plan and shopping specifically for it. This week has been working out really well so far. Here is what we have lined up.......

Monday - Veggie Chilli (I made it on Sunday, soaked the beans on Sat)

Tuesday - Spinach Fritatta and Savoy Cabbage Salad (chopped all veg and made mixture during Arlo's nap, which involved absolutely no sleeping)

Wednesday - Coconut Prawn Curry with quinoa (Ben is the curry master in the house so I will chop up the veg for him during naps, sleepy restful naps. fingers crossed.)

Thursday - Miso Soba Noodle Soup

Friday - I am guessing leftovers? Since I won't be here the boys will fend for themselves!

We have been making big batches of almost everything and eating leftovers for lunches or freezing for those days when you just don't feel like it or have time. I use 3 cup rectangular glass Pyrex containers which I love and stack super easy.

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