Friday, January 20, 2012

runners yoga

A few weeks ago I checked out a free 'Yoga for Runners' class at a local community centre. It was really good! And although my fitness budget has reached it's limit with bootcamp right now, I am really glad I went. I picked up some good tips and was reminded at how terrible I am at remembering to stretch when I get home from a run. Normally, I am distracted by Arlo and focused on getting my morning coffee and then later in the day when I feel a little tight, I remember that I skipped that important step. One tip I remember was for that stretch where you grab your foot in your hand behind you and stretch your quads...the instructor suggested pushing your foot into your hand instead of pulling your foot into your butt. Just a little adjustment that really seemed to make a difference.
Maybe I should look for a stretching app! I have gone a little fitness app crazy. The 10k training, Nike Training Club, (has anyone tried it? Great workouts with video instruction and it's free!), 100 push-ups and next the half marathon app.
Well, I am on the ferry headed to Victoria and on the way to my friends apartment we are stopping to do a 10k! It sounds like a a really pretty run and I am going to remember to stretch!

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