Tuesday, January 10, 2012

week 7 complete!

With some convincing of the slightly obsessive side of myself I have continued on a weird schedule of running that doesn't match up with the days of the week. Here it is Tuesday and I have just finished week 7! My schedule got a little turned around over the holidays and I did miss one session somewhere in there but we are back on track.

This past week was 3 sets of run 15, walk 1. It was pretty tough but I did have a really nice run on day 2 in West Van down at the sea wall. I got to run with Ben which was great and I beat my fastest mile at 9:49 and my fastest average pace overall at 11:09. Next week is 3 sets of run 17, walk 1.

I also started bootcamp this week after a break for the holidays and was so sore this morning! It was a squat-o-rama.  Of course when I woke up I immediately started making excuses about why I should skip my run today but I am really glad I went and got it done.

I just bought the next app for the half marathon training which I will start as soon as this 10 week 10k training is done. The program is Hal Higdon's 1/2 Marathon. This is a 12 week program which will finish giving me one week off before May 6th. It also recommends doing a 10k race which is timed perfectly with the Sun Run on April 15th so I will be signing up for that as well.


  1. Nice work Anne!!
    I'm on week three of training for the 10k and you're totally my inspiration. Last night's run started off so hard but then got easier.
    I love reading your updates!


  2. Thanks Kate!
    Way to go on week 3! Is it 10 weeks as well?
    I love thinking about the other people I know that are training too...it makes me go when I don't want to :)