Monday, January 16, 2012

running in the snow

I was a little slacker in the weekend and didn't do my run on Saturday. Well guess what? I didn't really want to do it on Sunday either but it had to be done so off I went...Except once I got out there it was super slip-slidy-icy and since I have already had one ass over tea kettle experience on a run I chose to head to the gym.

Apparently I wasn't the only one feeling this way, it was packed! There was a 15 min wait for a machine so I did some stretching and finally got an elliptical and did the first two sets of the run....okay so maybe it wasn't exactly a run but I had to improvise. There was still a wait for a treadmill so I headed home at a jaunty pace and called it day.

Tomorrow is the last day of week 8 and I may head down to the seawall again where hopefully all the runners before me have cleared the trail.


  1. you still got out and did something, so that's what counts. good for you! me? i'm supposed to fit into a certain dress in a 1.5 weeks and i made bagels! :/ mmm. bagels.

  2. and those bagels looked awesome!! your dress is gorgeous, I can't wait to hear all about this adventure :)