Sunday, January 29, 2012

I ran a 10k!!!!

I am just heading back home from great weekend away and I can't wait to see my boys!! This is the longest I have ever been away from my little guy and while it was thoroughly enjoyed, I am so excited to give him a big hug and kiss.
My weekend included much laughing, yummy dinners, wine, an amazing yoga class, going to the movies and doing a 10k run! I was surprised that It was actually not very much longer than what I have been doing. We did a loop around a lake and the km's were marked so it was very satisfying to see the numbers count down as we passed. Now we I have week 10 to finish and then I will start the Hal Higdon half marathon training which will be 4 times a week instead of 3.
Besides the endurance I am starting to notice actual changes in my legs and feeling more muscular which is very motivating.
Another week down and it's practically February!


  1. so? are you feeling pumped? congrats on the 10k and goodluck with the 4 runs a week vs. 3. you can do it. look how far you've come already!! awesome stuff lady, keep it up!

  2. Thanks Erin! I'm getting there :)